Do you want your children to be multilingual, exposed to various cultures, and open-minded?

Is it your wish that your child fully masters two and more languages?
becomes really bilingual
achieving fluency in speaking and writing in both languages and being proud of it

realizes his/her own uniqueness
as a citizen of the world with strong roots into different cultures and traditions
gets additional benefits
through improving at school, easier grasping languages and abstract sciences, being able to use this knowledge in further studies and career
maintains a trustful and understanding relationship
with parents, grandparents and other close friends?

Good to know
Bilingual children are capable of taking quick better decisions under difficult conditions of stress and high uncertainty because their brain mobilizes both language systems.
What do we do during the classes?
An intellectual and creative environment in order to stimulate the development of Russian speaking bilingual children. We offer students to deep dive into a variety of exciting tasks, huge diversity of Russian language, the beauty of literature, arts and music.

a variety of things with our own hands and minds – from chemical experiments to putting drama plays on stage. We play games, experiment, learn new things in Russian through motivation, encouragement and strengthening the students' interest.
Open up
the secrets of the city where we live, visit museums, watch movies, meet famous musicians, scientists, Nobel Prize winners and other interesting people. All this happens in Russian.
courses for any age and taste
hours of lessons per month
Our programmes
Russian Language and Literature
For the youngest
Russian Language and Literature
Russian language, literature, rhetorics, calligraphy classes created specially for bilingual children
Suitable for children with different language levels:
For those who studied Russian
according to Russian school programs
For children who have not studied Russian
according to Russian school programs
For those who understand Russian
but do not speak
For those who do not speak or understand
but are willing to achieve fluency in Russian
Practicing communication skills in Russian by way of studying new interesting subjects and discussing related topics with peers and specialists

Program includes:
Developing writing skills
  • Basic spelling rules
  • Idioms and phraseological expressions
  • Building correct and eloquent written sentences
Russian literature
  • Modern and classical Russian literature
  • Genres in literature and their peculiarities
  • Russian language norms
  • Russian culture through the perspective of literature, history and country studies
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Developing skills to recognize, analyze and classify language facts
  • Critical thinking and text analysis skills combined with understanding of cultural phenomena

  • Communication skills to achieve fluency in Russian
  • Building clear and comprehensive lines of thoughts
  • Speech preparation (monologue, dialogue, public speaking, presentation)
  • Learning how to argue your point of view
  • Use of intonation, mimics and gestures
  • Russian spoken dos and don'ts

  • Difference between printed and handwritten letters and their meaning, print types
  • Learning how to use pen, ink, brush for writing
  • Practicing handwriting, developing a habit of beautiful handwriting
For the youngest
Four courses forming harmonic development of your little ones – from 1 to 6 years
Parent and child class (1-2 y.o.)
Developing attention, memory, thinking activity, fine and gross motor skills, tactile sensibility. Discovering spoken Russian language by way of developing communication skills, creativity, listening to music, dancing and strengthening bonding between child and parent.
Little Genius (2-4 y.o.)
Developing imagination, observation skills, learning to listen, tactile sensibility, discovering the surrounding world, learning letters and numbers in a playful manner.
Little Genius (4-5 y.o.)
Developing speaking activity, imagination & creativity, logical, flexible and systematic thinking, fostering searching skills, learning numbers, basics of reading and writing, developing fine and gross motor skills, jointly discovering the surrounding world.
Child Prodigy (4-6 y.o.)
Teaching reading and writing in Russian using modern technologies and methods developed especially for bilingual children. Get an insight into history, best books for kids, traditions of Russian and world culture.

Our team
Ekaterina Shmulevich
Olya Belskaya
Ekaterina Radov
Russian Language and Literature, Грамотей
Varvara Romashova
Russian Language and Literature
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Tamara Zinchik
Art Lab
Masha Shepeleva
Healthy Sweets
Mark Shmulevich
Технологии, меняющие мир
Nikolay Novozhilov
Alena Salakhova
Drama Studio
Anna Vishnevskaya
StartUp for Children
Anastasia Artemova
Занимательная химия
Fedor Artemov
3D-Modelling, Занимательная математика
Leysan Shilina
Parent and child class, Little Genius
Katia Vasileva
Little Genius
Anastasia Garal
Little Genius
Vladimir Ivanov
Andrey Shipitkov
Ольга Бородина
Классический блок, РКИ
Анжелика Маркелова
Little Genius
Галина Макбул
Художественная студия
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